Graduate Programs

The ECE department offers several prestigious and competitive fellowships for graduate study, which are described on the awards page. Most graduate students, however, are supported on assistantships. Graduate teaching assistantships are awarded by the department and typically involve serving as graders or instructors. Graduate research assistantships are funded and awarded by the department's research groups.

Fellowships & Scholarships

ECE Fellowships are described on the awards page. The Graduate School maintains an up-to-date resource regarding external fellowships and scholarships on their website.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of GTA positions are available each year for graduate student support. These positions typically involve serving as graders or laboratory instructors. Tuition fees and a portion of medical insurance (often through Virginia Tech) are paid by these assistantships.

University policy on GTAs can be found at the Graduate School site. Up-to-date details regarding ECE policies and procedures can be found in the ECE Graduate Student Policy Manual.

All incoming and continuing students must apply by December 31 if they want to be considered for GTA assistantships for the following academic year.

Graduate Research Assistantships

The majority of graduate students are supported on research assistantships, which are funded by the ECE research programs. These assistantships are not awarded through the department, but are at the discretion of the faculty members and principal investigators.

The faculty select GRAs based on academic background and their suitability to the research being conducted. Applicants are encouraged to contact the faculty in their desired area of expertise to inquire about graduate research assistantships.