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Faculty positions in ECE

ECE is recruiting for tenure-track faculty positions in Cyber-Physical System Security, Mobile Computing Systems, Machine Learning, and Autonomic Systems.

Postdoctoral positions in ECE

ECE is accepting applications for postdoctoral research associates in all areas.

Wide Bandgap Generation Fellowship

The Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES) and the Center for Power and Energy (CPE) have implemented a fellowship program focusing on Wide Bandgap semiconductor technology.

Notable ECE Alumni

Many alumni from the ECE department appear on the list of notable Virginia Tech alumni. ECE graduates have gone on to impact a variety of fields; they have served as magazine editors, CEOs of technology companies, leaders in higher education, and public servants at all levels of government.

ECE YouTube Channel

Check out a selection of videos highlighting student projects on ECE's YouTube channel.

Open Source Software from the
Secure Embedded Systems lab

The IAMeter tool tests hardware against side-channel and other forms of implementation attacks.

Open Source Software from the
Systems Software Research Group

The HyFlow Project is developing distributed software transactional memory (or D-STM) as an alternative to lock-based distributed concurrency control.

ChronOS Real-Time Linux is a real-time Linux patch designed to provide a testbed for real-time and distributed task scheduling and resource management research.

Cloud-Based Computer Vision Platform

Developed by the Machine Learning and Perception Lab, CloudCV is a free computer vision platform for analyzing visual data.


Raman to lead partnership to develop smart city protocols

VT Arlington Building

Virginia Tech and Arlington County have partnered to bring data, analytics, and innovation to local government. Sanjay Raman will lead the partnership, which is part of the MetroLab Network, a coalition developing technologies and policy approaches to address challenges facing the nation’s urban areas.

Student project demonstrates car audio system sound pressure levels

Photograph Alt Text

Mark Soler (BSEE ’17) participates in 2LOUD, an undergraduate club that researches sound pressure levels for car audio competitions. The club hosted its first show—"2Loud at Virginia Tech-Blacksburg Beatdown"—last week.

ECE team uncovers evidence supporting controversial space weather theory

Photograph Alt Text

Robert Clauer and his Magnetospheric Ionospheric Science Team have found new information about space weather. After they finished installing the sixth and final data collection site in Antarctica, they observed that the polar ionosphere — southern, northern, winter, summer — is subject to a constant current.

Alum receives Best Paper Award from IEEE INFOCOM 2016

Photograph Alt Text

ECE alumnus Jia (Kevin) Liu (Ph.D. ’10) received the award for best paper from IEEE INFOCOM, the international conference on computer communications, for his paper entitled “Heavy-Ball: A New Approach to Tame Delay and Convergence in Wireless Network Optimization.”

ECE alum crews first solar-powered plane circumnavigating the earth

Photograph of Kassalen. Photo credit: Jean Revillard / REZO

ECE alumna Paige Kassalen (BSEE '15) is a member of the ground crew for Solar Impulse, the world’s first solar-powered airplane attempting to complete a journey around the earth. She is one of 16 engineers—and one of only three women—currently preparing the aircraft for a test flight in Hawaii. Kassalen was featured in Glamour Magazine and IEEE's The Institute.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

OSA Seminar: Optical Imaging and Focusing Inside Scattering Biological Tissues

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM Whittemore 654
Cheng Ma from Washington University in St. Louis will present a seminar on “Optical imaging and focusing inside scattering biological tissues.”

Cybersecurity Club Meeting

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Torg 1020

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ECE 4805 Senior Capstone: Second Section Added

All day Whittemore 300
Attn: Rising Seniors - The two-semester industry sponsored Senior Design Capstone class has added a second session. Details.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

ECE Commencement Reception

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Community Room in Turner Place at Lavery Hall
Please join us along with family, friends, and guests in congratulating our BS, MEng, MS and PhD graduates. Details.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wireless Symposium and Summer School

All day The Inn at Virginia Tech
The 2016 Wireless Symposium and Summer School will occur June 1-3. The event will feature special panel sessions, technical presentations, numerous posters, and half-day tutorials. Details.