ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Design Projects

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  • The College of Engineering offers space for student competition teams at the Ware Lab.
  • The ECE Integrated Design Studio provides lab space and equipment for students enrolled in design-based courses.

Design projects are often the most remembered, most fun experiences for engineering students.

Major Design Experience

Photograph of IEEE robot

ECE’s two-semester major design experience (ECE 4805-4806) provides teams of students with an industry-like experience on projects specified and directed by industry partners. The teams take a substantial hardware project through the proposal process, design concept, implementation, and testing.

Integrated Design Courses

Under the new integrated design model, ECE seniors can enroll in two-semester, project-based courses. Options include: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team, IEEE Robotics Team, satellite design, and radio frequency spectrum sensing.

Autonomous Mastery Prototyping (AMP) Lab

Photograph of student soldering

The Autonomous Mastery Prototyping (AMP) Lab provides space for ECE students to work on personal projects. The lab offers mentorship, soldering certification, and free materials. Students' recent projects include an autonomous ground vehicle, a laser harp, and a smartphone facial recognition system.

Extra-Curricular Design Projects

The ECE faculty encourages all students to complete extracurricular design projects. There are many opportunities for ECE students to participate in electrical and computer engineering design competitions or join multidisciplinary engineering teams.

Design Project Examples

IEEE Hardware TeamIEEE Hardware Team

The VT IEEE Hardware Team designs and programs robots to participate in obstacle course missions at the annual IEEE SoutheastCon hardware competition.

Hybrid carHEVT

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) is participating in the EcoCAR 3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition.

DBF TeamDesign Build Fly

The Design Build Fly team constructs radio-controlled aircrafts to complete missions at an annual competition sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Motorsports TeamVT Motorsports Formula SAE

The VT Motorsports team designs high-performance formula-style racecars to compete in the annual Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series. Read more about the team in the 2016 ECE Annual Report.

Bolt motorcycleBOLT

The Battery Operated Land Transport (BOLT) team designs electric motorcycles to compete in the TTXGP international electric motorsport race series.

Motorsports TeamHPS Team

The Human-Powered Submarine (HPS) team designs, builds, and races submarines that are propelled solely by human power for competition at the International Submarine Races.