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Why did you come to Virginia Tech?

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Christopher Derzack (EE 2006)

Photograph of Christopher Derzack

"Virginia Tech offers the benefits of a large university while maintaining the small town feel: the campus is beautiful and the students are all very nice."

Matt Boyle (CpE 2006)

Photograph of Matt Boyle

"It had a much friendlier atmosphere than other schools I visited."

Megan Adams (EE 2006)

Photograph of Megan Adams

"The Virginia Tech campus is beautiful and I felt at home here. The engineering college has a great reputation, and I was impressed with the co-op and internship opportunities offered to students."

Vikas Vatsa (EE 2006)

Photograph of Vikas Vatsa

"It has the highest ranked engineering program in Virginia and the people here are warm and unpretentious."

Samira Kahram (EE 2005)

Photograph of Samira Kahram

"I really enjoyed the atmosphere when I visited campus for the first time. Everyone has been very helpful in the process of my transferring to Virginia Tech. It's also a great technical school where I can gain more hands-on experience."

Theresa Nelson (CpE 2006)

Photograph of Theresa Nelson

"I'm actually the seventh person in my family to come to Virginia Tech, so I already knew it was a great school with a friendly atmosphere. I also knew that the engineering program was very good, and I would have lots of opportunities if I came."

Joshua Partlow (CpE 2005)

"I was impressed with the flexibility of the program. At most schools the classes you can take and the minors you can pursue are very limited. Virginia Tech offers its students the ability to do what they want with their education. I'm currently minoring in creative writing, and will probably also minor in either philosophy or computer science. I also chose Virginia Tech because of the atmosphere and the people. It might sound funny, but Virginia Tech really fits my view of what a college campus should feel like."

Linh Pham (CpE, Physics 2007)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Linh Pham

"I was really impressed with the individual attention that the administration, staff, and faculty paid me."

Bob Harwig (CpE 2006)

Photograph of Bob Harwig

"When I visited Virginia Tech in high school I immediately knew that I would come here. The overall feeling that I got on campus was very welcoming and I knew that I fit in here."