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Why are you studying Electrical Engineering?

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Christopher Derzack (EE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Christopher Derzack

"Electrical engineering provides students with a broad base of knowledge that they can apply in a wide variety of industries. The analytical thinking skills developed in an engineering program are also useful in areas like business and economics, so you are not limited to technical fields."

Vikas Vatsa (EE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Vikas Vatsa

"I really wanted to understand how modern technology works, and I found that studying electrical engineering was the best way to learn this. I now understand how and why many devices we take for granted, like televisions and radios, are designed the way they are."

Megan Adams (EE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Megan Adams

"Electrical engineering can be applied to many industries. I thought that it would provide a good foundation for future graduate study in other fields."

David Schroder (EE 2005)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of David Schroder

"I had already been studying music electronic eqipment prior to entering college, and the electrical aspect fascinated me..."

Samira Kahram (EE 2005)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Samira Kahram

"I love building and testing, and I have enough patience to repeat the process until everything works properly. I also enjoy the challenge of developing the most efficient design."

Zoheb Munshi (EE 2007)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Zoheb Munshi

"I have always taken a keen interest in analog and digital communication, and have been fascinated with satellite communication and the processes it involves."

Penn Markham (EE 2006)

ECE Ambassador

"I wanted a broader background than what computer engineering offered. I'm interested in computers, but I'm also fascinated by power systems, and not as interested in programming."

Edward Jones (EE 2007)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Edward Jones

"The whole world is becoming more and more technological. Since I found that I was good with electronics, it seemed like the place I could do the most good."

Benjamin Beaseley (EE, Music 2008)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Benjamin Beaseley

"Rather than deciding to be an engineer, I gradually discovered that I was one. Engineering offers an ideal combination of mathematical and scientific reasoning with a generous admixture of creativity. There is a thrill for me in discovering how things work, in creating things, and in making things function."

Brian Crosby (EE 2007)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Brian Crosby

"Growing up I always found myself wondering how all the electronics that I used worked. I would take them apart but still had no idea what I was looking at. Therefore, it was obvious when I went to choose a major that Electrical Engineering was for me. "

Abhishek Kapoor (EE 2007)

Photograph of Abhishek Kapoor

"Since I was in 9th grade Electrical Engineering has always fascinated me. I remember disassembling almost every electrical appliance in my home, just to see it working at the very basics. I have been interested to know how electrical engineering forms the core basis for the developments in modern technology. Circuit design, communication networks and modern electronics at the minutest level of that of size of a dust particle are few of the fields that capture my interest."