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Jacob Simmons (CpE, Math 2008)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Jacob Simmons

"I have always wanted to be part of some idea or some invention that would change people's lives forever. The scope of ECE technology is constantly widening and having great impact on the world."

Matt Boyle (Cpe 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Matt Boyle

"I enjoy mixing hardware with software, and Computer Engineers both build systems and program them."

Nikhil Shah (CpE 2007)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Nikhil Shah

"Computers have fascinated me ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to explore the intricacies of their mechanisms and discover how operations are performed in hardware. I've always enjoyed programming, but the electrical details of hardware design didn't interest me, so computer engineering was the natural choice."

Theresa Nelson

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Theresa Nelson

"My junior year in high school, I took a Visual Basic programming class because I wanted to learn a little bit more about computers... After a couple months of programming, I decided that I really liked it, and continued by taking a C++ course my senior year. Now I'm very happy I decided to take that elective, because that's what I've realized I want to do for the rest of my life!"

Linh Pham (CpE, Physics 2007)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Linh Pham

"I'm fascinated with almost anything to do with computers. I want to combine my interest in computers with my physics double major to develop cutting-edge microchips."

Daniel Hager (CpE 2008)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Daniel Hager

"In looking to the future and the developments to come, ECE appears to be the field that will experience the most dynamic development ... This field provides a fantastic opportunity to be a part of these exciting changes."

Bob Harwig (CpE 2006)

Photograph of Bob Harwig

"Since a young age, I had always been interested in how things work. I started building computers and tinkering with them in high school. That interest developed into an appreciation for computers and programming in college. Computer Engineering turned out to be a perfect blend of hardware & programming."

Sarav Bhatia (CpE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Sarav Bhatia

"I feel that through computer engineering I can contribute more to technology, and get involved in entrepreneurial activity."