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What has been a fun challenge?

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Matt Boyle (CpE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Matt Boyle

"The most challenging and enjoyable parts about computer engineering are the design classes. These give you the chance to apply principles you've learned in class to actual hardware, and see it work in real life instead of just on paper."

Sarav Bhatia (CpE 2006)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Sarav Bhatia

"The most fun and challenging experience I've had was doing assembly programming for a computer engineering class. It was fun and challenging at the same time because while it wasn't easy to learn or implement, the pace at which we saw learning turn into practical applications was exciting."

Nikhil Shah (CpE 2007)

ECE Ambassador
Photograph of Nikhil Shah

"One of the most interesting and challenging experiences was a programming project in ECE 1574. The project involved making a game, "Connect X", which is an advanced version of the more commonly known "Connect Four." It was the very first programming class I'd had at Tech, and I was very new to programming, so making a game looked next to impossible!"

Edward Jones (EE 2007)

Bradley Scholar
Photograph of Edward Jones

"I was sent as a representative of the Virginia Tech Engineers Without Borders to the Sustainable Resouces Conference. Although much of what was discussed was outside my field of interest, it was exciting to represent my organization on a national level."

Andrew Fife (EE 2007)

Photograph of Andrew Fife

"Trying to accomplish and comprehend all the work that is assigned."

Abhishek Kapoor (EE 2007)

Photograph of Abhishek Kapoor

"A few of my most interesting projects were in the ECE 2504 (Intro to Computer Engineering) where we built a 4-bit computer with small IC chips/gates. We also developed an assembly language code to program a microcontroller to control the keypad access to security doors. I also enjoyed some of the programming based projects in introduction to C++ class, where we build a ConnectX game and programmed the Lego train to run on a track."