ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Undergraduate Programs

CPE Design Technical Electives

photograph of a circuit board

Starting with simple design problems in the sophomore year, to upper level design technical electives, computer engineering students find design to be integrated throughout their curriculum.

Every BSCPE student is required to take at least two design technical electives in his or her area of technical interest during the senior year. These courses integrate material from fundamental courses in mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering topics with material from the specific technical area to provide a comprehensive design experience.

Design Technical Electives

4514 - Digital Design II (4C) Prereq: 3504 (Design Technical Elective)

4524 - Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications (4C) Prereq: 2574; Co-Req: STAT 4714 (Design Technical Elective)

4530 - Hardware/Software Codesign (3C) Prereq: 3504, 3535 (Design Technical Elective)

4540 - VLSI Circuit Design (3C) Prereq: 2204, 3504 (Design Technical Elective)

4550 - Real-Time Systems (3C) Prereq: 4534, CS 3204 (Design Technical Elective)

4560 - Computer and Network Security Fundamentals (3C) Prereq: ECE 4564 or CS 4254 (Design Technical Elective)

4564 - Network Application Design (3C) Prereq: 2504, 2574 (Design Technical Elective)

4570 - Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (3C) Prereq: ECE 4564 or CS 4254 (Design Technical Elective)

4574 - Large-Scale Software Development for Engineering Systems (3C) Prereq: 3574 (Design Technical Elective)