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In their senior-level capstone design courses, electrical engineering students apply knowledge from all their prior courses as they work on teams to design and develop advanced projects. Some capstone courses are designed to give an industrial engineering team perspective, with critical reviews and budgets. The capstone courses also help students hone their communication skills, as they develop written and oral presentations on advanced engineering material.

Every BSEE student is required to take at least one capstone design course.

Capstone Design Courses

4104 Microwave and RF Engineering (4C)
Prereq: 2014, 3106, 3204

4114 Antennas (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 3106

4164 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Theory and Design (4C)
Prereq: 2014, 3106 or AOE 4134

4206 Electronic Circuit Design (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 4205

4224 Power Electronics (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 3204

4244 Intermediate Semicondutor Wafer Processing Laboratory (3C) Prereq: 2014, 4234 or MSE 4234

4304 Design in Power Engineering (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 3304

4534 Embedded Systems Design (4C)
Prereq: 2014, 2534, 3574

4605 Radio Engineering (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 3105, 3204, 3614

4624 Digital Signal Processing and Filter Design (3C)
Prereq: 2014, 3704

4806 Senior Design Project
Prereq: 4805