Undergraduate Programs

Math Electives
Class of 2013

Electrical engineering majors are required to take one mathematics elective course from the following list. There are no hidden prerequisites for these courses for EE majors: prerequisite courses, if any, are also required courses within the EE curriculum.

Enrollment into courses will be based on sufficient resources, including faculty availability and student demand.

EE and CPE students should note that after meeting the ECE mathematics requirements, it only takes 2 more math courses (at or above the 3000 level) to get a math minor.

Mathematics Electives for Students Graduating in 2013

3034 - Introduction to Proofs (Limited availability due to course restrictions.)

3214 - Calculus of Several Variables

3224 - Advanced Calculus

3414 - Numerical Methods

4225 - Elementary Real Analysis

4445 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis

4446 - Introdution to Numerical Analysis

4514 - Applied Algebra

4525 - Principles of Advanced Calculus

4554 - Numerical Methods for Engineers

4564 - Operational Methods for Engineers

4574 - Vector and Complex Analysis for Engineers