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ECE Undergraduate Courses

Two-Semester Major Design Experience

ECE’s two-semester Major Design Experience (ECE 4805-4806) provides teams of students with simulations of the post college world via projects specified and directed by industry partners. For more information, contact class instructor, Gino Manzo.

Fall 2016 textbook list

The Fall 2016 ECE textbook list is available online for students.

Current Prerequisites & Course Offering

For current prerequisites for a particular course, and to view course offerings for a particular semester, see the Virginia Tech Course Timetables.

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1000 Level Courses

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ECE 1574 Engineering Problem Solving with C++ (3C)

2000 Level Courses

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ECE 2004 Electric Circuit Analysis (3C)
ECE 2014 Engineering Professionalism in ECE (2C)
ECE 2054 Applied Electrical Theory (3C)
ECE 2074 Electric Circuit Analysis Laboratory (1C)
ECE 2164 Exploration of the Space Environment (3C)
ECE 2204 Electronics (3C)
ECE 2274 Electronics Networks Laboratory (1C)
ECE 2500 Computer Organization and Architecture (3C)
ECE 2504 Introduction to Computer Engineering (3C)
ECE 2524 Introduction to UNIX for Engineers (2C)
ECE 2574 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (3C)
ECE 2704 Signals and Systems (3C)

3000 Level Courses

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ECE 3004 AC Circuit Analysis (3C)
ECE 3054 Electrical Theory (3C)
ECE 3074 AC Circuit Analysis Laboratory (1C)
ECE 3105 Electromagnetic Fields (3C)
ECE 3106 Electromagnetic Fields (3C)
ECE 3204 Analog Electronics (3C)
ECE 3254 Industrial Electronics (3C)
ECE 3274 Electronic Circuits Laboratory II (1C)
ECE 3304 Introduction to Power Systems (3C)
ECE 3354 Electric Power Engineering Laboratory (1C)
ECE 3544 Digital Design I (4C)
ECE 3574 Applied Software Design (3C)
ECE 3614 Introduction to Communication Systems (3C)
ECE 3704 Continuous and Discrete System Theory (3C)

4100 Level Courses

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ECE 4104 Microwave and RF Engineering (3C)
ECE 4114 Antennas (3C)
ECE 4124 Radio Wave Propagation (3C)
ECE 4134 Fiber Optics and Applications (3C)
ECE 4144 Introduction to Optical Information Processing (3C)
ECE 4154 Introduction to Space Weather (3C)
ECE 4164 Introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS) Theory and Design (4C)
ECE 4194 Engineering Principles of Remote Sensing (3C)

4200 Level Courses

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ECE 4205 Electronic Circuit Design (3C)
ECE 4206 Electronic Circuit Design (3C)
ECE 4214 Semiconductor Device Fundamentals (3C)
ECE 4220 Analog Integrated Circuit Design (3C)
ECE 4224 Power Electronics (3C)
ECE 4234 Semiconductor Processing (3C)
ECE 4235 Principles of Electronic Packaging (3C)
ECE 4244 Intermediate Semiconductor Processing Laboratory (3C)
ECE 4284 Power Electronics Laboratory (1C)

4300 Level Courses

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ECE 4304 Design in Power Engineering (3C)
ECE 4334 Power System Analysis and Control (3C)
ECE 4344 Electric Power Quality for the Digital Economy (3C)
ECE 4354 Power System Protection (3C)
ECE 4364 Alternate Energy Systems (3C)
ECE 4374 Power System Protection Laboratory (1C)

4400 & 4700 Level Courses

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ECE 4405 Control Systems (3C)
ECE 4406 Control Systems (3C)
ECE 4424 Machine Learning (3C)
ECE 4704 Principles of Robotic Systems (3C)

4500 Level Courses

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ECE 4504 Computer Organization (3C)
ECE 4514 Digital Design II (4C)
ECE 4520 Digital and Mixed Signal System Testing and Testable Design (3C)
ECE 4524 Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications (4C)
ECE 4525 Video Game Design and Engineering (3C)
ECE 4526 Video Game Design and Engineering (3C)
ECE 4530 Hardware-Software Codesign (3C)
ECE 4534 Embedded System Design (4C)
ECE 4540 VLSI Circuit Design (3C)
ECE 4550 Real-Time Systems (3C)
ECE 4554 Introduction to Computer Vision (3C)
ECE 4560 Computer and Network Security Fundamentals (3C)
ECE 4564 Network Application Design (3C)
ECE 4570 Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (3C)
ECE 4574 Large-Scale Software Development for Engineering Systems (3C)
ECE 4580 Digital Image Processing (3C)

4600 Level Courses

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ECE 4605 Radio Engineering (3C)
ECE 4606 Radio Engineering (3C)
ECE 4614 Telecommunication Networks (3C)
ECE 4624 Digital Signal Processing & Filter Design (3C)
ECE 4634 Digital Communications (3C)
ECE 4644 Satellite Communications (3C)
ECE 4664 Analog & Digital Communications Laboratory (1C)
ECE 4675 Radio Engineering Laboratory (1C)

4900 Level Courses

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ECE 4944 Cybersecurity Seminar (1C)


Investigation and report on a special project under the direction of a faculty advisor. Course may be extended over several semesters with a letter grade assigned at the end of the semester in which the project and report are completed. Involves design, construction, and testing of a circuit or system. A minimum in-major GPA of 2.5 is required for enrollment. Variable credit course.


Variable credit course.


A minimum in-major GPA of 2.5 is required for enrollment. Variable credit course. X-grade allowed.

ECE 4994: Undergraduate Research

A minimum in-major GPA of 2.5 is required for enrollment.