ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Undergraduate Programs

ECE Co-op and Internship

'My co-op experience complemented my course work because many of the projects required low-cost and quickly implemented solutions -- criteria that are often overlooked in academia.'

-- Jason Wienke, EE '02, who co-oped with Ericsson

Photograph of a student operating equipment

About 15% of ECE students are co-op students, who alternate 3 work terms with school terms, resulting in a 5-year degree program.

In addition to enjoying the work experience and added funds, ECE co-op students typically describe their experience as providing them an edge in motivation and understanding in their coursework.

Students are currently co-oping with small and large firms, including Intel, the Department of Defense, Lutron, The Egg Factory, Anhaeuser-Busch, Corning, Cisco, GE Fanuc Automation, Cummins, and Syncrony.

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