ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Accredited by ABET
Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Advising Office


340 Whittemore Hall


8:30-11:30 a.m.
1:30-4:30 p.m.

Need Info on ECE, Engineering, or University Policies?

Your ECE academic advisor is always your first point of contact regarding Departmental, College, and University policies and procedures. In most cases, if you do not contact your advisor first, you will be referred back to the ECE Department. In the event that your advisor needs to refer you to another office within the University or College, she will do so.

The ECE Department uses a professional advising system in which ECE advisors provide

  • academic advising
  • career advising
  • personal counseling and referrals
  • individual and group academic support programs

Meet the Advisors

Last name A-D

Last name E-K

Last name L-O

Mary Brewer
Academic and Career Advisor
340 Whittemore Hall
(540) 231-4539


Nicole Gholston
Academic and Career Advisor
340 Whittemore Hall
(540) 231-3106


Kimberly Johnston
Academic and Career Advisor
340 Whittemore Hall
(540) 231-8393


Last name P-S

Last name T-Z,
Temporary Advisor Assignments

JoAnna Lewis
Academic and Career Advisor
340 Whittemore Hall
(540) 231-2771


Last name W, X, U – Nicole Gholston

Last name T, Z – Kimberly Johnston

Last name V, Y – JoAnna Lewis

Academic and Career Advisor
340 Whittemore Hall

Force Add Requests

Force adds for ECE 1xxx-6xxx level courses should be submitted online via our force add survey at this site: Force-add requests will be accepted until 5:00 pm on the third day of class. No force adds will be accepted after the established deadline. CPE and EE undergraduate and graduate students are given priority for force adding ECE technical electives and graduate-level courses. GE students and other non-majors are not permitted to enroll in ECE required 2-3xxx level courses per the College of Engineering Enrollment Management Policy. Note that ECE faculty do not approve force add requests. When a decision has been made on your force add request, you will be sent a follow-up email message. Please do not continue to email, call, or come by ECE Student Services to check on the status of your force add. This only delays the process.

Independant Study/ Undergraduate Research

All Independent Study (ECE 4974) and Undergraduate Research (ECE 4994) proposals are due in ECE Student Services by 2:00 pm on the 3rd day of class (Wednesday, August 26). The three required forms (cover sheet, proposal sheet, and ABET form) can be found on our website: You are responsible for delivering all three completed forms with student and faculty supervisor signatures to your Academic/Career Advisor in ECE Student Services by the established deadline.

Technical Advising

ECE uses a faculty technical advising referral system. Students with technical questions about specific courses or career paths are referred by their advisor to the appropriate faculty members in the area of interest. Some popular technical specialties.

Career Advising

ECE advisors collaborate with the Office of Career Services to provide guidance related to

  • choice of major and career path
  • Co-op and internship programs
  • permanent job search
  • graduate or professional study

Honors Advising

ECE students participating in the University Honors Program should contact their advisor early in their academic programs.