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Matlab being used

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MatLab Basic Tutorial Links

  • MatLab FAQs

    A great source of MatLab instructions on simple MatLab and Simulink questions.

  • MatLab Tutorials

    A database of MatLab examples and documents. A very useful website for MatLab programming examples.

  • Introduction to MatLab

    A good introduction to MatLab. New users of MatLab may go through this introduction to develop a solid knowledge of Matlab. Introduction to MatLab is created by MTU.

  • MatLab Basic and a Little Beyond

    MatLab introduction for mathematicians. The website contains commands and subroutines that may be helpful. Created by University of Utah.

  • MatLab Plot Tutorial

    Tutorial and help on plotting 2d and 3d graphs in MatLab. Created by University of West Virginia.

MatLab Advanced Tutorial Links