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Seminar - Molecular signaling pathways in maternal diabetes-induced neural tube defects

Event Date: 2013-01-08.

Event Location: VTRC-Arlington, Rm. 4-024.

Event Contact: xuan (at) vt( dot )edu

Sponsoring Group: CBIL

Information: Speaker: Prof. Peixin Yang, Department of OB/GYN & Reprod Sci,
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Details: Prof. Yang will talk about his research on molecular signaling that leads to diabetic embryopathy. Some of his newly published work will be discussed in the talk: e.g., Oxidative stress-induced proapoptotic signaling leading to diabetic embryopathy; endoplasmic reticulum stress as interdependent and reciprocal causation in diabetic embryopathy. More discussion will be given to the future direction such as systems biology on this exciting research topic.