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Designing an Internet Access Hot Spot

Many students enjoy finding Internet access "hot spots" while roaming with their laptop. ECE students in Wireless and Mobile Systems Design don't need luck, however.

Armed with a partner, off-the-shelf laptop, handheld computer, and network interface cards, they design and implement such a service.

This is after gaining experience in mobile technology by building a remote control program for a PowerPoint presentation and measuring the effects of Bluetooth interference.

The interdisciplinary course integrates topics at all layers of wireless and mobile systems. It is cross listed with computer science and taught in the spring by a three-prof team of Dr. Scott Midkiff (ECE), Dr. Luiz DaSilva (ECE), and Dr. Ing-Ray Chen (CS).

Additional Information:

ECE/CS 4984 Web site

ECE news article:

New Course Gives Students Hands-on Experience With Network Interface, Wireless Networking

    CPE students James Bromwell (L) and Ed Holohan (R) test their design in ECE/CS 4984, Wireless and Mobile Systems Design.
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