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Tech Wins ONR Grant for Wireless IT Network

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has awarded a $3.26 million grant to Virginia Tech to pursue information technology research. The Advanced Wireless Integrated Navy Network (AWINN) project follows the Navy Collaborative Integrated Information Technology Initiative (NAVCIITI) at Virginia Tech, which was also funded by ONR and ran from 1999 to 2004.

The AWINN and NAVCIITI programs together have total funding of $16 million, making it one of the larger research efforts at the university.

AWINN supports Navy requirements in several thrust areas: wireless secure communications, wideband multifunctional and smart antennas, visualization tools using the CAVE environment, computer networking and interoperability, digital ships, real-time resource allocation and management, simulation of virtual scenarios, and ultra wideband (UWB) communications. “The challenge of the program is to integrate information technologies and focus them toward useful products to solve several current Navy problems in information security and system integration and in advanced communication networks,” said Warren Stutzman, principal investigator on the project.

AWINN will tap several unique facilities at Tech, such as the anechoic chamber for antenna measurements, the CAVE with its motion platform, the Digital Ships and Computer Cluster Laboratory, the Networking Laboratory at Blacksburg and the Alexandria Research Institute (ARI), the Real-Time Systems Laboratory, and the Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory.

Stutzman and Rick Habayeb, program director, are ECE research professors. Other investigators include: Peter Athanas, Mike Buehrer, Nat Davis, William Davis, Luiz Da Silva, Tom Hou, Mark Jones, Scott Midkiff, Binoy Ravindran, Jeff Reed, Dennis Sweeney and William Tranter, all of ECE, and Ali Nayfeh of the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department. For more information, please visit