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Winter 2004

In This Issue:

From the Department Head

Education News

Imaging Systems for Medical Applications
Last fall's course on medical imaging focused on planar and reconstructed imaging systems with a concentration on physical principles..

Micron Technology Establishes VT Microelectronics Scholarships
The Micron Technology Foundation named Virginia Tech a Partner University and established a scholarship program in microelectronics at Tech. The Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Micron Technology, Inc. to advance science and technology education.

Student Engineering Team Competing for $1 Million in Robotic Vehicle Contest
A group of five ECE students is working on a multidisciplinary team to win $1 million for developing an autonomous ground vehicle that can travel a combination on- and off-road course from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in March.

Research News

$5+ million Bioinformatics Research Effort Analyzing Molecular Signatures of Tumors
Yue Wang (Joseph) leads a team that was recently awarded two multi-year grants totaling $2.5 million to pursue advances in bioinformatics tools to improve breast cancer diagnosis and therapy...

CPEs Creating Efficiency Tools For Design, Testing, Verification
New contracts from Intel and the NSF will add to the slate of tools that Michael Hsiao's team is developing to reduce IC design, testing, and verification time...

Team Building Wireless 'Electronic Noses' Using Nanoscale Sensors
CE researchers in the Wireless Microsystems Laboratory are working to integrate functional nano-scale gas sensors with wireless communications microsystems — using a new assembly process...

Research Team Maximizing Wireless Video Sensor Network Life
Base station placement and network topology may be key factors affecting the lifetime of wireless video sensor networks, according to Thomas Hou and Scott Midkiff...

New Defect-Tolerant Architectures Needed For Rampant Unreliability in Nanotechnology
While scientists and engineers work to develop ultra-miniature devices that are measured in nanometers, other researchers are working to define  and change design techniques to make sure that such small devices can actually be usable.

Department & People News

Private Donations Boost ECE Research, Teaching
ECE has enjoyed growing renown for its undergraduate and research programs. Its $29 million in annual research expenditures and 600 graduate students make it a rival to most of the top-15 ECE programs in the United States.

Passion for Mega-Technology Fuels Global Careers in Power
While microscopic circuits and nanotechnology make headlines, college roommates Paul Hamer (EE '72) and Barry Wood (EE '72) enjoy careers in heavy industrial power systems — "machines you can walk through," described Hamer; systems that not only cost millions of dollars each, but also represent millions more in revenue, according to Wood.

New Faculty
Steven Ellingson, Allen MacKenzie, Jung-Min Park, Cameron Patterson, Yue Wang...

In Memoriam
Grant Dove (EE ‘51) died in November after a long illness. He served on the ECE Advisory Board from 1992-1994...

Faculty News
Bostian appointed Alumni Distinguished Professor; Liu Named IEEE Fellow; Ramu Honored with IES Achievement Award...


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