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Private Donations Boost ECE Research, Teaching

ECE has enjoyed growing renown for its undergraduate and research programs. Its $29 million in annual research expenditures and 600 graduate students make it a rival to most of the top-15 ECE programs in the United States.

Donations from the private sector can make possible our continuing success. Alumni who have found themselves well prepared for rewarding careers and firms that employ ECE students or use technology developed in our laboratories, have been consistent and strong financial supporters.

Current needs include expanding the number of Ph.D. students and improving research and teaching programs. Opportunities to put donation dollars to work for ECE include the ECE Discretionary Fund and the ECE Endowments.

The ECE Discretionary Fund
Donations to the discretionary fund are directed by the department based on producing the most good. The most pressing needs at present include fellowships for graduate students to pursue high-level research, teaching assistantships for the most promising future professors to gain experience, and equipment for state-of-the art experimental research.

ECE Endowment Opportunities
Endowments are funded to levels sufficient to sustain the designated use indefinitely and include scholarships, fellowships, professorships and endowing research and teaching laboratories. The range of funding for these endowments begins at $100,000 for undergraduate scholarship to $1.5 million for chaired professorships.

For more information on ECE development opportunities or how to initiate the process, please visit, or contact Warren Stutzman at, or (540) 231-7494.


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