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Winter 2003

Testbed to Provide Navy
With Mobile, Secure Network

ECE researchers are developing a testbed for a mobile, secure, wideband wireless network to address command and control technologies for the U.S. Navy. The project provides an infrastructure to investigate beamforming in a hostile environment using a full transmit-receive system along with a TCP/IP interface as an example of a possible ship-to-ship communication link.

The $13 million, six-year effort is part of the Navy’s Collaborative Integrated Technology Initiative (NAVCIITI). The Virginia Tech project, Wireless Integrated NAVCIITI Network (WINN), involves five separate, integrated efforts, including smart antennas, multifunctional antennas, secure configurable platforms, network protocol interoperability, and real-time resource management.

When completed next year, the demonstration will include capabilities for channel measurement and prediction, full video and digital information transmission with program interactivity, and beam correction for improved reception in the presence of hostile jamming. Special features of the network include the ability to examine management, controllability, security, and real-time response.

The project involves collaboration among several ECE research centers. Jeff Reed and Bill Tranter of the Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG) are developing the smart antennas. Warren Stutzman and William Davis of the Virginia Tech Antenna Group (VTAG) are developing the multifunctional antennas; and Peter Athanas and Mark Jones of the Virginia Tech Information Systems Center (VISC) are designing the secure configurable platform (Configurable Computing Lab). Also through VISC, Scott Midkiff is responsible for network protocol interoperability, and Binoy Ravindran is heading the real-time resource management efforts. Stutzman is serving as principal investigator for the project.

For more information, please contact Warren Stutzman.

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