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2003 Annual Report

Winter 2003
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Winter 2003

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Letter from the Department Head

Student Projects, Activities, and Courses

Students Seek 20x Cost Savings for Fuel Cell Inverter
Virginia Tech EE students are competing with 12 other schools to develop inexpensive inverter technology for ultra-clean, off-the-grid residential electricity. (complete article)

1st-Year ECE Course Boosts EE/CPE Success
freshman-level programming course for EE and CPE students—1574, "Engineering Problem Solving with C++" —has led to greater student success in the ECE curricula. (complete article)

IEEE Students Boost Involvement Through Web, Activities
The Virginia Tech IEEE Student Branch has developed a new website that sports a job board, in addition to expected features such as newsletters, bulletin boards, and online IEEE registration/membership services. (full article)

Research News

Department Researchers Design E-textiles for Computerized Clothing & Military Applications
Mark Jones and Tom Martin have been awarded two contracts to design e-textiles: an NSF grant to design wearable computers made of e-textiles, and DARPA contract to develop e-textile fabrics for military sensing and communications. (full article)

Shukla Wins NSF Career Award for Embedded Systems
Sandeep Shukla wants to boost the productivity of embedded system designers by developing formal analysis and validation methods/tools that allow engineers to quickly and accurately choose the optimal strategies for balancing system performance and resource usage. (full article)

Testbed to Provide Navy With Mobile, Secure Network
ECE researchers are developing a testbed for a mobile, secure, wideband wireless network to address command and control technologies for the U.S. Navy. (full article)

Photonics Center Gets $1 million to Develop Coal Plant Sensors
The department’s Center for Photonics Technology (CPT) received a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to continue the development of sensors for use in producing energy from coal. (full article)

ECE Team Designing Defense Program for Laptop, Wireless Device Batteries
Thanks to a hacker who started draining Tom Martin’s notebook battery, department researchers are now working to thwart attackers from draining the batteries of laptops and wireless devices, creating power-based “denial of service” attacks. (full article)

Tech Underwater Autonomous Robots To Map, Track in Coastal & River Waters
In pursuing advances in cooperative robotic control and communication, Daniel Stilwell is developing a platoon of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that will both study the ecological effects of man-made nutrients on Virginia’s coastal waters and help develop search, survey, and tracking methods for the U.S. Navy. (full article)

Departmental News

Tech Budget Cuts Impact ECE
The ECE Department is seeking to more efficiently manage the cost of its educational programs in response to severe state funding reductions imposed on the university by Virginia’s fiscal crisis. (full article)

Faculty News
Gary Brown has been named the Distinguished Professor of Electromagnetics...Dan Chen has been elected a Fellow of the IEEE...Amir Zaghloul received a patent for flat plate antennas...and more. (full article)

Alum Honored With National Teaching Awards
Noel (Nunnally) Schulz (BSEE ‘88, MSEE ‘90) was recently honored with two national professional awards. (full article)

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