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CESCA Seminar: "Control system design in power electronics converters"

2:30 PM on Friday, April 25, 2014
Location: Lavery Hall 320

by Drs. Rolando Burgos and Zhiyu Shen, Department of ECE and CPES, Virginia Tech

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM on Friday, April 25, 2014


Control of power electronics converters varies from analog circuit in
simple DC/DC converters to full digital implementations in more
complicated systems. At higher power level, the power electronics
converters are normally large, expensive, spatially distributed
systems. The presentation focuses on a hierarchical control system
architecture suitable for high power converters from hundreds of kW to
thousands of MW is introduced. The partitioning of different layers uses
temporal distribution along with functional distribution as key
driving criteria. However, other common restrictions such as spatial
distribution and requirement of different technologies usually lead to
similar partition result. The signal flow and the behavior of each
layer are explained. At last, a few implementation examples of such
architecture are given.


Dr. Rolando Burgos

Rolando Burgos was born in Concepcion, Chile, where he attended the
University of Concepcion, earning his B.S. in Electronics Engineering
in 1995 and a Professional Engineering Certificate in Electronics
Engineering in 1997, graduating with honors. At the same institution
he later earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering
in 1999 and 2002 respectively.

In 2002 he joined the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES) at
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech),
in Blacksburg, VA, as Postdoctoral Fellow, where he became Research
Scientist in 2003, and Research Assistant Professor in 2005. During
this period he was primarily involved in the development and synthesis
of high power density power electronics converters and distribution
systems, co-advising several Ph.D. and Masters students at CPES.

In 2009 he became a Scientist with ABB Corporate Research, in Raleigh,
NC, becoming Principal Scientist in 2010. This same year he was
appointed Adjunct Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer
Engineering Department at North Carolina State University (NCSU).
While at ABB, he was involved in the development of multi-level
converter platforms for medium voltage industrial and grid

In 2012 Dr. Burgos returned to The Bradley Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, where he is currently
associate professor. His research interests include multi-phase
multi-level modular power conversion, grid power electronics
applications, high power density power converters, the stability of ac
and dc power electronics systems, hierarchical modeling, and control
theory and applications. He has co-directed and participated in more
than 30 sponsored research projects in this area, and co-authored over
160 peer-reviewed technical publications. He has received three prize
paper awards.

Dr. Burgos is a Member of the IEEE and Power Electronics Society,
where he currently serves as associate editor of the Transactions on
Power Electronics, associate editor of the Power Electronics Letters,
and as secretary of the Committee on Modeling, Control and Simulation.

Dr. Zhiyu Shen

Zhiyu Shen received the B.S and M.S degrees in electrical engineering
from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2004 and 2007,
respectively, and Ph. D. degree from Virginia Tech in 2013. He now
works as a research scientist in Center of Power Electronics Systems.

His research interests include three-phase AC system impedance
measurement, three-phase AC system small signal stability analysis,
and high-frequency high-density converter design.

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