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Trillions: Opportunities at the Intersection of Technology, Business and Design

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM on Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Location: Moss Arts Center

Mickey McManus, president of MAYA Design, a technology design and innovation lab, will be the speaker.

Each year we make billions of computing devices and put them into nearly every significant thing we manufacture. In a few short years, that number will reach into the trillions. We are quickly learning how to make those processors communicate with each other, and with us. What does it mean when your doors, your windows, even your walls, have an API? When they all stream billions of bits of information from trillions of connections? When that happens, the very idea of computing will be turned inside out. Instead of information being "in" computers, people, products and cultures will begin to live "in" the information. In a world with trillions of computing devices, complexity will be inevitable. But untamed, malignant complexity is not. The organizations who thrive will do so by weaving an ecology of information that creates business value from architectural system designs and market forces.

Speaker Bio:
Mickey McManus is president, CEO, and principal of MAYA Design, a leading technology design and innovation lab. In 2005, Mickey spearheaded the launch of MAYA's Pervasive Computing practice to help companies kick-start innovation around business challenges in the connected world. To explore the emerging value at the intersection of design, technology, and business, Mickey co-authored Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology (Wiley 2012). The book is a field guide to the future, where instead of information being "in" computers, people, products, environments, and cultures will begin to live "in"
the information. Mickey holds a BFA in industrial design from the University of Illinois, with extended studies in communication design and mathematics. His work has been published in Bloomberg, Businessweek, Fortune, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. Mickey is a frequent speaker on the topic of design, pervasive computing, and business innovation.