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CESCA Seminar (10/11): “Building a Gigabit Community”

12:00 AM - 2:30 PM on Friday, October 11, 2013
Location: Lavery Hall 350

by Bob Summers, Chief Geek of Fitnet.


Gigabit networking to the enterprise and consumer is the next wave of network technologies. What are the new opportunities of this network and how can we build our community to take advantage? In this talk, Bob Summers will discuss the foundations of gigabit networking, what we have in Blacksburg and how others can get involved.


Bob Summers is the Chief Geek of Fitnet, an online fitness studio combining webcam biometrics with world class fitness programming. Mr. Summers recently raised $92,400 via crowd-funding to install and operate an advanced gigabit fiber and wifi network in downtown Blacksburg. He is a serial entrepreneur focused on Internet software companies for both consumer and enterprise markets. Bob has a track record of building scalable software products; Friendeo, iSpQ VideoChat and BuddyVision have reached over 3.5 million customers in 196 countries. Microsoft published his book, The Official Microsoft Netmeeting Book in 1998 and he was the Montgomery County Entrepreneur of the year in 2002. He serves on the boards of the RBTC, VT Entrepreneur Club and TechPad. He enjoys wakeboarding, snow riding, mentoring start-ups and flying. Bob received an MBA from MIT Sloan, computer engineering degree from Virginia Tech and graduated from TJHSS&T.

Fun fact: Bob spent 14 days hitchhiking down the California coast from San Fran to LA when he was 20. He and his friend Steve hitched a ride in 17 different cars.

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