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Electromagnetic Wave Simulations Seminar

12:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 7, 2013
Location: 335 Lavery

Dr. Michael J. Kobasa from Sonnet Software will discuss electromagnetic (EM) wave simulations for integrated circuits, PCB designs, antenna systems, and packaging applications in general. This is part of a two-day event for Sonnet EM simulation training; a training session will occur on Friday, March 8 from 11AM- 3PM.

As companies continue to make products for consumers and/or for the military, the systems are becoming more and more complex. Not only are the designs becoming complex, but the design teams are becoming complex with a number of people working on a given project and also spanning across the globe. In order for these designers to become excellent at what they can do, they must design to manufacturing tolerances and temperature variances and also must design to their EDA flow. This is increasing the need for more enhanced features in EDA tools, especially in EM tools. These EM tools range in different types from 2.5D to 3D that can solve problems from an entire PCB all the way down to a single chip and even to a single inductor on a chip.

However, these designers might rely on their EDA flow a little too much, wanting a push button solution without understanding the underlying methodologies. Other designers might be EM savvy enough to investigate problems but because of tape out deadlines, they don’t have the time to research more efficient designs. Collaboration between universities and EDA vendors can play an important role to do research and development to provide solutions to the complex problems that designers are facing today such as thru silicon vias, deep trench, dummy fill, ground shields, etc. Today, EM vendors are working with universities and companies to provide these solutions to make designers more efficient and to allow for first pass design success.