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Pebbles and Urns: A Tangible, Presence-Based Service Delivery Framework

12:00 AM - 10:00 AM on Friday, December 14, 2012
Location: 457 Whittemore Hall

Ph.D., Dissertation, Announcement for Plymale, William Otho

Advisory Committee:

Scott F. Midkiff, Chair
Luiz A. DaSilva
Thomas L. Martin
Deborah G. Tatar
Joseph G. Tront


This research investigates the design and implementation of a general-purpose framework upon which Internet of Things (IoT) and opportunistic computing (OC) systems can be built. The result of this work is Pebbles and Urns (P&U), a proximity-based information delivery framework that leverages a simple, inexpensive tangible interface and context-rich, physically-situated, distributed information repositories. The P&U framework is based on a layered architecture consisting of an isolated physical communication layer, a data repository supporting opportunistic service composition and delivery, and a controller/interface providing user feedback. As validation of this work, P&U prototypes are constructed using the framework, API’s and software tools. The prototypes are based on use cases depicting a person engaged in day-to-day activities. Performance measurements are performed on the prototypes profiling core components of the framework. Contributions of this research include a general-purpose framework and insights gained from its design and implementation into better understanding and addressing IoT and OC systems.