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Self-Oscillating Unified Linear Modulator

12:00 AM - 10:00 AM on Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Location: 658 Whittemore Hall

M.S. Thesis Defense for Wang, Yin (direct-Ph.D. Program)

Graduate Advisory Committee:

Dr. Khai D.T Ngo, Chair
Dr. GuoQuan Lu
Dr. Jaime De La Reelopez


Aiming at linearization of nonlinear PWM converters, a Self-Oscillating Unified Linear Modulator is proposed. With employing feedforward, constant control gain can be achieved. It can be applied to various PWM converters with unified structure. Also, the self-oscillation inner the modulator saves the cost of external clock and avoids the error caused by mismatch between integration time and switching period. The choice of control gain is analyzed and designed to optimize the control gain curve and eliminate the negative control gain caused by loss and parasitic.

Experiment results verify the theory and demonstrate the linearization.