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Center for Power & Energy Seminar: The Evolution of Control for the Smart Tranmission Grid

12:00 AM - 2:00 PM on Friday, October 26, 2012
Location: 457 Whittermore (NVC TBA and ARI 5-024 )

Invited Speaker: Dr. Anjan Bose, Senior Advisor on Grid Technology to the Undersecretary at the US Department of Energy

The smart transmission grid is a major topic of discussion but a comprehensive description of such a grid is still developing. It is expected that such a transmission system will have significantly more measurements, communications and control than the present grid but no consensus has been reached on what the specifications of such new functionality should be. Of course, the technical specifications depend on the new applications of monitoring and control that we would like to see for the operation of the grid. Matching the available technology of measurement, communication and control to our wish-list of applications is the way to develop this technical vision of the smart grid.
In this presentation, we will develop a specific view of what the smart transmission grid will look like and what new monitoring and control functions will be feasible with existing technologies of measurements, communications, computers and controllers. The new development will be mainly in software which will be covered.
Anjan Bose received his B.Tech. from IIT, Kharagpur, M.S. from Univ. of Calif, Berkeley, and Ph.D. from Iowa State Univ. He has worked for industry, academe and government for 40 years in electric power engineering. He is a Regents Professor and holds the endowed Distinguished Professorship in Power Engineering at Washington State University, where he also served as the Dean of the College of Engineering & Architecture 1998-2005. At present, he is serving as a Senior Advisor on Grid Technology to the Undersecretary at the US Department of Energy. Dr. Bose is a Member of the US National Academy ofEngineering, a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering and Fellow of the IEEE. He is the recipient of the Herman Halperin Award and the Millennium Medal from the IEEE, and was recognized as a distinguished alumnus by IIT Kharagpur and Iowa State Univ.