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Machine learning students analyze pig livers, rock-paper-scissors

Students in Dhruv Batra's new Introduction to Machine Learning and Perception course gave poster presentations on their final projects. Students used their knowledge from the course to analyze everything from pig livers to rock-paper-scissors games.

They pursued topics in image processing, signal processing, and biological systems. One project detected human poses using the Microsoft Kinect sensor, another predicted elections using Twitter and opinion polls, and another generated music from images.

Machine Learning students present their projects

Students presented their projects in the conference room of ECE's Integrated Design Studio.

The poster session was open to the public, and students answered questions from other engineering students, faculty, and staff. The class included undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of majors, and was taught for the first time in spring 2013. It will be offered again this fall.

For more information about the course, see the article in this year's ECE Annual Report.