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HKN announces winners for Andy/Spartan board contest

Alan Overby

Alan Overby won first place.

April 23, 2010 — Alan Overby took first place and Jay Y. Jung second place in the HKN/ECE contest for original designs using student Spartan or ANDY boards.

Overby's design is an LED assembly on an ANDY board that uses a microphone to detect noise. As noise increases, more LEDs turn on. The LEDs are arranged to spell "VT."

Jung built a 2's complement calculator that uses the LEDs and switches integrated on the ANDY board.

The winners took home $200 and $150 respectively. They also received a replacement ANDY board so that the winning projects can be put on display.

Alan Overby

Jay Jung won second place.

The contest was open to all ECE undergraduate and graduate students. Participants were asked to submit unique work using either a Spartan or ANDY board. The projects had to be new and not produced for a class.

The contest was jointly sponsored by HKN and the ECE department, with Kathleen Meehan serving as faculty advisor.