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Space@VT moves into new quarters


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Virginia Tech team to launch nanosatellite

ECE professor Greg Earle and his team will be launching a nanosatellite in late 2015 or early 2016.

Researchers and students work in the new Space@VT building

Clockwise from top left: Nathaniel Frissell, AJ Ribeiro, and Neeraj Pramodkumar look at realtime data from a North American radar array in the VT SuperDARN lab. In his new lab space, Scott Bailey works on a collimator with a laser source, which is used to focus a large telescope that flies on a rocket. A group of students work in one of the common areas of the new building.

Space@VT moved into a new building in July 2012, enabling space science researchers from multiple departments to work in close proximity. The new building has offices, laboratories, meeting/seminar rooms, and design, test, and fabrication facilities. Collaboration was the driving force behind the new building, according to ECE’s Scott Bailey. “Working together is a lot easier, and our time is spent more efficiently and productively.”