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Outdoor cognitive radio testbed planned


Learn more about VT-CORNET on their website.

A Wireless @ VT team has received a $260,000 Department of Defense (DoD) Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant to develop an outdoor cognitive radio network testbed. Jeff Reed serves as principal investigator (PI), with Jung-Min ( Jerry) Park as Co-PI.

Virginia Tech has previously developed an indoor heterogeneous wireless communication network testbed, called the VT Cognitive Radio Network Testbed (VT-CORNET). This testbed currently consists of 48 fixed radio nodes, and another 10 portable radio nodes are currently being integrated.

VT-CORNET covers a wide range of indoor scenarios, and allows for relatively short range experimentation, however it has minimal outdoor ability. This is a limitation because many military operations occur outside.

The Virginia Tech team will be developing an Outdoor Cognitive Radio Network Testbed (O-CORNET) to supplement their existing testbed. O-CORNET will consist of 15 stationary and two mobile outdoor radio nodes.