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2013 Annual Report

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Hospitals Unwired

Wireless team with hospital bed
Wireless @ VT researchers led by Jeff Reed are developing wireless technology to make the hospitals of the future more efficient. They envision a hospital where every sensor and device is connected in an intelligent system, helping to improve patient care and reduce costs.

Featuring Education

Wireless radio

Two ECE teams face the Spectrum Challenge

Teams from the Hume Center and Wireless @ VT have qualified to compete in an international competition aimed at developing strategies for clear communication in spite of interfering signals on a radio channel.

Virginia Tech/ Howard University Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence seal

Preparing students for careers in national security

The Hume Center offers a range of opportunities for student interested in intelligence and cybersecurity, including mentoring, research, scholarships, courses, special events, clubs, and study-abroad programs.


Roving the course

Students in the embedded systems capstone design course are working with a new platform: a four-wheeled fully autonomous vehicle that must be designed to speed through a course and perform different tasks.

Disaster response robot

Creating heroes for DARPA Robotics

ECE students are on two teams that are developing disaster response robots capable of going into dangerous situations so humans do not have to risk their lives.

Woman in formula car

ECE surge alters the Formula

Increased participation from ECE students is helping to introduce new capabilities to the VT Motorsports Formula car.

Woman with touchscreen display

Students develop intuitive display for hybrids

ECE students on the hybrid electrical vehicle team (HEVT) are developing a touchscreen display that makes it easier for drivers to track fuel efficiency.


Summer microelectronics

The VMEC Summer Scholars Program facilitates hands-on research in microelectronics, pairing students with engineers in industry and academia.

Featuring New Faculty Members

Scene of children playing

Through human eyes

Devi Parikh is using crowdsourcing and human debugging to prioritize topics for computer vision research, learn how humans process images, and develop algorithms to help computers process visual input more like people.

Dhruv Batra

Stocking the visual toolbox

Using computer vision and machine learning, Dhruv Batra is developing computing tools and algorithms that help humans make sense of large sets of visual data.

Small computer chip shown next to large computer chip

High enthusiasm for low power

Qiang Li is working to boost the efficiency and reduce the size of voltage regulators in electronics. His research with CPES focuses on low-power, high-frequency applications.

Rolando Burgos

Power electronics and the world's largest machine

Rolando Burgos is helping to lead high-power efforts for CPES. His research includes methods for integrating renewable energy into the grid and development of DC distribution systems.

Brain diagram

Mapping your brain's circuitry

Rosalyn Moran is applying ECE imaging and modeling skills to map the electro-chemical activity of the brain. She is seeking to better understand the brain changes caused by degenerative diseases and aging.


Tapping fiber optics for biomedical imaging

Yizheng Zhu is developing fiber optic biomedical imaging tools that can study the progression of diseases in vivo. He is developing techniques to image a nanoscale object in three dimensions.

Guoqiang Yu

When it comes to cancer, too much data is not enough

Guoqiang Yu is using big data to study the genetic causes of diseases, developing a comprehensive view of the interactions between different phenotypes using data culled from many sources.