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2012 Annual Report


Coexisting can be a problem on so Many Levels

Yaling Yang is working on a cross-layer design approach for wireless networks. Cross-layer designs can actively exploit the dependence between protocol layers and solve the unique problems posed by wireless links.

Multi-thread Multi-Core... a Single Bug

Chao Wang is creating methods and tools for debugging multi-threaded, interleaved programs. With multi-threaded programs, standard debugging techniques are no longer sufficient.

Space Weather Asymmetries

Space weather perturbations in the earth's magnetic field are usually similar across hemispheres, but this might not always be true. Joseph Baker is studying north-south asymmetries.

Wireless Security from Android to 5G

Charles Clancy is studying wireless security issues at all levels, including 5G security, secure military communications, and cognitive radio enhancements.

Into Thin Air

The upper atmosphere has different particles, and fewer of them, than we find at ground level. Gregory Earle builds devices and spacecraft to measure these particles.

Breaking the Terahertz Barrier

Designing high frequency electronics brings researcher like Kwang-Jin Koh to the edge of silicon's capability. Applications of these higher frequencies include faster data transfer and the ability to detect hidden objects.

Keep the Grid Secure

Uneven energy demand makes energy generation less efficient. With good forecasting techniques, however, C. Yaman Evrenosoglu can increase the system's efficiency./p>


An interest in amateur radio and public broadcasting led Steve Floyd (BSEE '80) to serve as chief RF engineer and designer for the highest-power short-wave transmitting station in the world: the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

Diagnosing the Ionosphere

Sometimes a signal passing though the ionosphere behaves as expected, and sometimes it doesn't. Space weather researchers like Wayne Scales are figuring out why.

Room to Create

ECE students have new dedicated space for design projects, with the opening of the department's Integrated Design Studio.

Brains for a Robotic Champion

It's not just about walking. Humanoid robots also must think and react, and Bradley Fellow Mike Hopkins is working on this robotic brainpower.