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Virginia Tech officially launches Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse Web portal

Virginia Tech released its full version of the Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse Web portal in September.

The Web portal is the platform for direct sharing and dissemination of relevant smart grid information, ranging from background documents, deployment experiences, technologies, and standards, to ongoing smart grid projects around the world. It is designed to serve as the first stop for smart grid related information and acts as the essential gateway that connects the community to various information sources scattered on the worldwide web.

“The full version of the Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse as released today contains information about more than 200 smart grid projects in the United States and more than 50 projects overseas. The portal has upwards of 1,000 smart grid-related documents and multimedia, which provide both background and in-depth information, such as use cases, lessons learned, cost-benefit analyses, business cases, legislation and regulation activities, detailed information on standards, and list of smart grid technologies and sample vendors,” said Saifur Rahman, director of the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, National Capital Region, and principal investigator for the portal.

The Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute was awarded a $4.25 million five-year contract by the Department of Energy in October 2009 to develop the portal with content assistance from the IEEE and the EnerNex Corporation.