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Making chips smaller and faster

Life beyond silicon

Read more about making chips smaller and faster in the 2010 ECE Annual Report: "Life beyond silicon."

As part of the push to make chips smaller and faster in an era when simply adding more transistors is no longer feasible, Mantu Hudait and other researchers in the Advanced Devices & Sustainable Energy Laboratory (ADSEL) are working on fabricating smaller and faster transistors at lower supply voltage operation.

The team is heterogeneously integrating compound semiconductor materials and device structures on silicon substrate using their novel buffer architecture along with other materials to take advantage of the material properties of various elements. One project for the group involves mixed-anion and mixed-cation based quantum well field-effect transistors (QWFETs) on silicon (Si), which offer the potential for high-performance and ultra-low power applications, according to Hudait. The team is also developing tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs), which allow sharp turn-on characteristics.

Moreover, the team is working towards the demonstration of high-efficiency compound semiconductor solar cells on Si substrate for sustainable energy.