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Multiscale Advanced CT

Visit the SAM-CT site for information on the imaging capabilities and uses.

Visit SAM-CT in Second Life!

SAM-CT can be visited in Second Life by clicking the following link: Preserve/115/64/23. The Second Life Aided Training Environment (SLATE) was introduced in November 2009.

Bio-Imaging Systems Laboratory

Chris Wyatt is director of the Bio-Imaging Systems Laboratory, which develops technologies to accelerate the use of imaging and image analysis in biomedicine

Screenshot of SBES Multi-scale Advanced CT website

ECE imaging researcher Chris Wyatt has collaborated with Ge Wang in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences to build the new SBES Multi-scale Advanced CT (SAM-CT) facility, located at the Nano Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory in the Corporate Research Center. The facility brings together various state-of-the-art CT scanners under one roof, allowing the user to acquire CT scans at various spatial resolutions — ranging from mm to 50nm. This unique combination of equipment allows the development of multi-scale methods in biological phenotyping, material characterization, and geological applications.