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Center for Intelligence Community

An ECE team is partnering with Howard University to establish an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence. The initial award is $1 million, with an optional extension. Jeff Reed heads the effort and Tamal Bose and Ashwin Amanna are on the leadership team. This is one of the few such centers with an engineering thrust.

While engineering oriented, the program strives for cross-disciplinary involvement, and students from all majors who have an interest in pursuing national security careers can reap benefits.

The Intelligence Community sponsors the creation of these centers at academic institutions to promote the alignment of curricula (for example, scientific and technical programs of study, international relations, foreign language/cultural immersion) in “an effort to carry out America’s national security imperatives over the long term,” according to its call for proposals from universities.

The initial award is for $1 million over two years with an optional three-year extension for a total of $2.5 million over five years. Virginia Tech and Howard will split the resources.

Reed credited the coordinated efforts of Wireless@VT, the largest wireless communications/networks research center in the nation, as appealing to the IC community. “We have encompassing expertise in critical IC focus areas such as wireless communications, computer networks, antenna design, microelectronics, system integration, spectrum policy/economy, and very large integrated circuitry,” Reed said.

Lynn Nystrom