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Improving GPS performance indoors

Jerry Towler and Bryan Farley (Photograph by Christina O'Connor)

Jerry Towler (left) and Bryan Farley

Undergraduate researchers Jerry Towler and Bryan Farley worked last summer with Michael Buehrer on improving performance of GPS-based position location for indoor sites when other information such as WiFi signals and accelerometers are available. The project builds on recent work by doctoral candidate Swaroop Venkatesh and two previous undergraduate projects on indoor position location that mitigates multipath propagation effects.

GPS is the primary source of position location information, with an accuracy up to 3 meters in environments with an open view of the skies and access to satellite availability. However, in many indoor environments, GPS performance is degraded due to an obstructed view of the sky and propagation effects such as attenuation and multipath fading.

The students developed techniques for exploiting additional information (such as WiFi signal strength and range data between multiple devices, etc.) for improving position location indoors. Graduate assistants Haris Volos and Tao Jia provided assistance.

Caption: Jerry Towler (left) and Bryan Farley