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2007 Annual Report

2007 Report

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Nanoprobing: making the smallest things visible
Yong Xu, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, is developing an active nanoprobe technology that could enable significant breakthroughs in optics, physics, and commu­nications.

Tree of Trust: protecting embedded systems
While hackers and viruses grab headlines in computing security, Patrick Schaumont’s team is working to protect data from a newer, growing threat—a threat from the loss and theft of embedded computers that store personal and private information.

Tackling the mystery: the Mono virus
Many people know infectious mononucleosis (mono) as the disease of fevers, sore throats, and fatigue that can rob students of entire semesters. Medical researchers know mono as the disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-one of the oldest, most common human viruses.

High Power Engineering:
Is an energy router in your future?

Imagine a device that automatically detects demand for power and delivers processed electricity in the required form (AC or DC) at the correct voltage and frequency. Energy routers, analogous to the familiar data and communications routers, could improve reliability, efficiency, and safety at every level of the electrical power system.

Renaissance man of the acoustic waveform
Combining Electrical Engineering with a passion for music, David Gagnon seeks to study the acoustics of concert halls and the sound waves of music.

Matt Carson '98: life in the nascar fast lane
It takes more than an expert driver like Tony Stewart and a fast Chevrolet Monte Carlo to win a NASCAR race. Another type of race is run in the shop, where designers, machinists, and —yes, engineers—work against the clock and competitors to design, build, test, and install new parts.