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2004 Annual Report

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High-Temp Sensor

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R&D 100 Award

Electronic Noses

Distributed Generation


$1000 Elevator

Embedded Systems

Defect Tolerance

Efficiency Tools

Pervasive Networks

Video Networks

Networked Testbeds

Real-Time Solutions

2002/2003 Ph.D.s

2003 Patents




Special Report:
ECEs and Biomedicine

April 2004



UWB lab created

ECE’s ultra wideband (UWB) research laboratory draws on expertise from communications, electromagnetics, and computer engineering.

The measurement, analysis, and computation equipment supports research in the use of UWB for wireless communications and sensing. The laboratory’s multidisciplinary research includes development of channel models for indoor and outdoor environments, and development of UWB antennas and hardware transceiver prototypes, designs, and techniques.

In 2003, the group hosted the second annual IEEE Conference of Ultra Wide-band Systems and Technologies (UWBST), in Reston, VA.

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