ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Tapping ECE Expertise & Technology

Photograph of the FEORC fiber draw tower

The Fiber & ElectroOptics Research Center (FEORC) fiber draw tower.

About 35% of ECE research funding is industry-based — which speaks of the close relationship many of our researchers have with industrial issues.

Photograph of antenna test

The Antenna Group offers a measurement service using specialized equipement such as the anechoic chamber.

Short-term & Long-term Problems

Our expertise is applied to theoretical and practical problems: some that take just a few weeks to solve and others that require new theory or technology that can take much longer.

Whether you need a custom research program or a quick consulting project, the best place to start is with the experts in the area. Please see the ECE faculty list by area and the area research information. Another source is the Virginia Tech expertise database.

Accessing ECE Labs & Equipment

Many of our laboratories operate specialized equipment, and can be contracted to make measurements for business and government organizations. With most laboratories, this is done via research contracts, however, some research groups offer a formal measurement service. Please contact the laboratory directors to make arrangements.