ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE - Professional Education

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Many onsite courses in Blacksburg and Northern Virginia are available through distance learning.

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A fully accredited on-line Master of Information Technology and certificate program is available.

Short courses, seminars, workshops

Short courses are offered year-round by many of our research groups.

ECE offers symposiums and workshops in power electronics, wireless communications, and optical technology among others.

Custom courses and programs are available.

Many of the technical areas and research groups hold weekly seminars. These are open to industrial visitors.

Graduate & Certificate Programs, Courses

Graduate programs are offered on-site in Blacksburg and in the National Capital Region.

Professional certificate programs in information technology areas are offered on-site in Northern Virginia.

Professionals can take up to 12 credits without being part of a degree or certificate program. See the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program.

Distance Education

A fully accredited online degree or certificate in Information Technology is available with modules in communications, networking, computer engineering, software developments, business information systems, and decision support systems. See the Virginia Tech MIT program.

Regularly offered video and distance courses can be arranged at corporate sites. Please contact the CGEP Administrator at

Video and online courses are available through VTonline. Courses include C++, energy systems, and a variety of courses in communications, computer engineering, and electromagnetics.