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Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree


Admissions information is available on the website and in the ECE Graduate Student Policy Manual.

Details and Deadlines!

  • Fall: May 31st
  • Spring: Dec. 1st

See the ECE Graduate Student Policy Manual for other details.

The Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree program allows advanced Virginia Tech undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both a B.S. degree from their home department and an ECE M.S. or a Ph.D. degree. The advantage of the program is that it allows enrolled students to double-count up to 12 course credit hours (with restrictions) toward both degrees. Beginning fall semester 2010, this program replaces the Five-Year Bachelor/Master's Degree (Honors) Program.

For more information on the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree programs, see the ECE Graduate Student Policy Manual. The department offers the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree program under the guidelines of the Graduate School. An undergraduate student may enter the program within 12 months of the expected completion date of their B.S. degree.

After earning the BS degree, Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree students may stay on campus to complete the graduate degree program, or may transfer to the National Capital Region at the Northern Virginia Center.

Minimum 3.5 Grade Average

Virginia Tech undergraduate students who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 or better on their last 60 credit hours of course work, and an overall GPA of 3.3 or better on all undergraduate work, may apply for admission to the Accelerated UGG Degree program.


A student may enter the program within the 12 month time period prior to the expected completion date of their B.S. degree. In order to receive graduate credit, acceptance into the Accelerated UGG Degree program is required prior to the semester in which enrolled in the selected courses for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Once accepted to the program, and during the last 12 months of their undergraduate program, students may count a maximum of 12 credit hours of course work toward both the B.S. and graduate degrees.

A complete application for the UGG program must include the following:

  1. An on-line graduate application for graduate studies at Virginia Tech (Available at
    • Apply for the Master of Science (M.S.) or the Ph.D. degree program in EE or CPE for semester/year enrolling as an M.S. or a direct Ph.D. student.
    • To apply for the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate (UGG) Degree program, an ECE graduate faculty member must have agreed to serve as faculty advisor for the student’s graduate degree. The student should work with their advisor to develop a Research Statement to be submitted as their Statement of Purpose with their graduate application.
    • Two on-line letters of recommendation are required for the application; typically these letters are from the student’s undergraduate advisor and their proposed faculty advisor.
    • Students applying for this program are not required to take the GRE for admission.
    • Payment of a $65.00 non-refundable Graduate School application fee.
  2. An Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program Form detailing the courses to be counted for both degree programs and taken at the senior level. The form must be submitted to the ECE Admission and Recruiting Office, 340 Whittemore Hall, simultaneously with submission of the on-line graduate application. If there are any subsequent changes to the courses to be double-counted, an updated form must be submitted prior to completion of the undergraduate degree.
  3. An official Virginia Tech transcript is not required if all undergraduate degree course work is from Virginia Tech. An official transcript is required for course work transferred from other undergraduate schools and is to be submitted to the ECE Admission and Recruiting Office, 340-C Whittemore Hall with the application.

A Summary of the Rules and Restrictions for the UGG Program:

  1. There is no exception to the 3.3 overall GPA requirement.
  2. There is a maximum of 12 credit hours that can be double-counted between your undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  3. No more than six credit hours of double-counted courses can be at the 4xxx level.
  4. Required 4xxx level courses cannot be double-counted (e.g., a course used for capstone design credit for an EE major, or ECE 4534 for a CPE major, or any non-elective 4xxx level course required by the student’s major). Technical electives can be used.
  5. Students must obtain a ‘B’ or better in each course taken while an undergraduate to be double-counted – no exceptions.
  6. All double-counted coursework must be consistent with the ECE Graduate Policy Manual for the appropriate graduate degree. In particular, Independent Study (ECE 4974) and Undergraduate Research (ECE 4994) cannot be counted toward the graduate degree.
  7. The UGG program is offered at the Blacksburg and Northern Virginia Campus. Students may transfer to/from either campus.
  8. An ECE Master of Engineering degree cannot be obtained through this program.
  9. If a student wishes to change to a Master of Engineering degree following entrance to the graduate program, they will forfeit credit for any courses that were double-counted toward their graduate degree.

Recommended Application Dates:

  • Recommended application deadline for enrollment for fall semester is no later than May 31st
  • We will begin processing applications once final grades are posted (approximately May 17th)
  • Recommended application deadline for enrollment for spring semester is December 1st
  • We will begin processing applications once final grades are posted (approximately December 21st)

Note: All application materials must be submitted before we will begin processing your application.