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ECE 6304 Advanced Topics in Power

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ECE 6304 Advanced Topics in Power (3C)

Advanced topics of current interest in power engineering. Topics are selected from current technical literature.

Typically offered: Fall, Spring. Program Area: Power.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Matrix calculus, elementary probability and statistics.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

Understanding of power engineering materials such as in ECE 4334 and ECE5334 or equivalent. It is critical that one meets these conditions.

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
    The major focus of this class is to train graduate students in developing research ability related to power system dynamics through individual or group projects. Students will simulate and analyze power system dynamics as seen in the from of inter-area oscillations, frequency and angle swings, and loss of stability. It it expected that students will learn to approach problems in power system dynamics through literature study and hands-on projects. Students are required to use PSS/E, EMTDC or other tools for simulation aspects of the projects. The class also intend to provide a supporting and critic environment for students to improve their presentation skills.

Course Topics
Topic Percentage
Simulations of power system dynamics 1.
Measurements of power system dynamics (PMU, FDR, TR) 2.
System oscillation studies 3.
Propagation of power system electromechnical waves 4.
Dynamic measurement algorithms 5.
Dynamic measurement device design 6.
Event triggers and pattern recogniation 7.
Wind power generation and grid connection studies 8.
Cascading failures 9.
Displays of system dynamics and animations 10.

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