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ECE 6154 Photonic Devices and Systems

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ECE 6154 Photonic Devices and Systems (3C)

Electromagnetic analysis of guided-wave optical devices and systems, including transmission properties of optical fibers, photonic crystal waveguides, grating structures, and coupled-wave components; soliton propagation in fibers; Erbium-doped and Raman fiber amplifiers; semiconductor light sources and photodetectors; wavelength-division multiplexed systems.

What is the reason for this course?

Photonic technology has grown enormously in applications and sophistication during the past decade. This course provides the essential knowledge needed for the development of state-of-the-art photonic systems for applications in communications, sensing, and instrumentation, as well as pursuing research in fiber optics and bio/nano photonics.

Typically offered: Spring. Program Area: Electromagnetics.

Prerequisites: 5105.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

Thorough understanding of electromagnetic wave theory as covered in 5105 is required. Also, knowledge of partial differential equations and Bessel functions is essential for this course.

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
Course Topics
Topic Percentage
Review of basic concepts; wave equation, modal properties 5%
Propagation in planar optical waveguides 5%
Transmission characteristics of step-index fibers 20%
Photonic crystal waveguides 10%
Multimode optical waveguides; ray analysis 10%
Designs for prescribed transmission characteristics 5%
WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) devices 15%
Soliton propagation in optical fibers 10%
Semiconductor light sources and detectors 10%
Optical fiber amplifiers 10%

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