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ECE 5744 Linear Systems Theory

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ECE 5744 Linear Systems Theory (3C)

Advanced introduction to the theory of time-varying and time-invariant linear systems represented by state equqtions; solutions of linear systems, uniform stability and other stability criteria, uniform observability and controllability, state feedback and observers.

What is the reason for this course?

This course provides a mathematically rigorous introduction to fundamental concepts in the field of linear systems theory. Concepts are presented in the context of linear time-varying systems, with frequent specialiation to time-invariant systems. This course emphasizes the role of theorems and proofs in mathematical systems theory. The concepts taught in this course are required for advanced studies in modern control theory, but also for signal processing and communication systems.

Program Area: Systems/Controls.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: ECE 4405 or ECE 4624 or ECE 4634 or ME 4504 or AOE 4004.

Cross-listed with ME (5544) and AOE (5744).

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