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ECE 5656 Communication System Design

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ECE 5656 Communication System Design (3C)

Advanced topics in digital satellite communications are discussed. These include: multiple access, digital modulation, error correction coding, carrier phase and symbol timing recovery.

What is the reason for this course?

EE 5655 includes many items necessary for signal power and noise power budget calculations, thus permitting determination of carrier-to-noise ratio. EE 5656 introduces techniques necessary for the design of sophisticated satellite communication systems. These courses are a conversion of EE 6601 and 6602 from the quarter system.

Typically offered: Spring. Program Area: Communications.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: 4634.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

EE 5655 is a system level course drawing on many topics. A knowledge of electromagnetic fields (EE 5105) is necessary. EE 4634 is an introduction to analog and digital communications. It constitutes the background knowledge needed for advanced material in EE 5656.

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
Course Topics
Topic Percentage
Frequency division multiple access 10%
Time division multiple access 10%
Demand assignment multiple access 10%
Random multiple access 10%
Spread spectrum multiple access 10%
Digital modulation 20%
Band-limited nonlinear channel 5%
Error correction coding 10%
Carrier and symbol timing recovery 15%

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