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ECE 5314 Power System Operation and Control

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ECE 5314 Power System Operation and Control (3C)

A course dealing with modern power system operational and control problems and solution techniques. State estimation, contingency analysis, load-frequency control and automatic generation control. Load flow analysis and external equivalents for steady-state operations.

What is the reason for this course?

The technology of Power System Operations and Control has undergone significant changes during the past several years and it is essential to include these changes in our Graduate Power Program.

Typically offered: Spring. Program Area: Power.

Prerequisites: 4334.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

A familiarity with the principles of power system analysis as taught in ECE 4334. Techniques of formulating and solving the load flow problem should be known to the student.

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
Course Topics
Topic Percentage
Load Flow review 15%
Steady State Equivalents 20%
Contingency analysis 20%
Static State Estimation 15%
Tie-line bias control 15%
Automatic Generation Control 15%

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