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ECE 5234 EMI and Noise Reduction Techniques and Filter Design

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ECE 5234 EMI and Noise Reduction Techniques and Filter Design (3C)

Theory and practice of electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise coupling; techniques for noise reduction: shielding, grounding and filtering. Limitations of circuit theory, parasitics in circuits and their physical origins, measurement of EMI to comply with government regulation. EMI problems and solutions to switching power supply applications. Design of EMI filter, magnetics design, eddy currents.

What is the reason for this course?

Electromagnetic interference requirements and means for meeting these requirements have become a critical aspect of circuit design. EMC regulations worldwide have become increasingly stringent and will continue to do so. this material is essential for students intending to specialize in practical circuit design. Since the course teaches practical methods to bridge the gap between circuit theory and the physical world as it applies to EMI/EMC using electromagnetics theory, it is a much needed course in our degree program and is extremely popular among the students in the power electronics and pulse power areas, among others, where they are dealing with EMI in projects involving practical circuits.

Typically offered: Spring. Program Area: Electronics.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

Graduate Standing: This course is of a more specialized and advanced nature than is practical to include in an undergraduate curriculum, and is appropriate for the 5000 level because of the mathematical sophistication and the theoretical depth that the topics will be taught.

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
Course Topics
Topic Percentage
1. Noises coupled through conductors 15%
2. Grounding 5%
3. Non-ideal characteristics of components 5%
4. Antenna theory related to EMI 10%
5. EMI regulation and measurements 10%
6. Spectrum analysis of waveforms 5%
7. EMI in switching power supplies 15%
8. EMI filters 20%
9. Shielding effectiveness of metallic sheets 5%
10. Magnetic design 10%

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